High-definition Temperature Sensor for Beehive Monitoring

Sense the Bees, Don’t Just Monitoring Them!

top bar hive temperature sensing activityAt SensaTo, we believe that beekeeping is not just about the honey, it is about the connection between man and bees. As with everything else in our lives, some people are open and make this connection from the very beginning, while for others, it takes much more time and effort to form the relationship.

SensaTo helps to connect the bee family and the beekeeper. Our system gives valuable information about the general status of your bee colony as a whole as well as specific comb-by-comb detail. With SensaTo, now that “feeling” – that only an experienced beekeeper gets with just one glance of the beehive – is made available even to the novice beekeeper. SensaTo enables hobby beekeepers to more easily and more quickly establish a connection with their bees and will give the experienced beekeepers the opportunity to dive deeper in the lives of their bee colonies.

SensaTo is designed primarily to work as a scientific tool and secondarily to function as a monitoring tool.

How the SensaTo Sensors Work

beehive top bar sensor measure heat.jpgSensaTo sensing system is based on temperature measurements, through multiple temperature sensors installed directly in the hive frames or top bars. A custom-built computer collects the data and analyzes it. As a result, it provides data regarding the size of the bee family, the location of their winter cluster, and the number of brood combs, as well as swarm warning, amount of honey consumed over the winter and other scientific information.

Where are SensaTo Sensors?

hive monitoring sensor temperature map

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